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5 Skills Every Successful Web Designer Needs in Africa

Are you interested in starting a career in Web designing? then these 5 skills every successful web Designer needs will help you scale up faster and become a Pro Web Designer.

Web Design is becoming one of the fastest growing niche with lots of opportunities when you study hard and learn the right things that are required.

So what skills do you need to become a successful web designer? In this Article, we are going to cover 5 major skills a web designer should have in this 21st century this includes soft and technical skills.

Both soft and technical skills move both ways and are required to be successful, soft skills helps you leverage of lots of opportunities as a designer.

5 Skills Every Successful Web Designer Needs

Let’s start with the technical skills required to become a web Designer.


You might be confused do web designers in to code? But yeah, web Designers need to understand how to code at least the technical aspect. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Languagewhich is a language used to put contents on the web page and give it a sturcture.

Learning HTML is the basic of web designing and all websites has HTML or are converted to HTML, for example take a look at our website, its an example of a Website with HTML.

There are lots of platform out there where you can learn HTML from scratch like W3School(Free), Udemy (Free & Paid) and lot more. We at Rivasultalso teach HTML from scratch.

Take HTML as the skeleton of the human being…


Next, we have CSS. This has to do with styling the web page, we call it the human flesh. CSS stands for Cascade Style sheet which is a styling language use to beautify the web page.

The best way to understand CSS is to take CSS as the human flesh, since HTML is the skeleton, imagine a human without flesh it looks ugly but with flesh it becomes attractive.

CSS works that way, you can also learn CSS from W3School(Free), Udemy (Free & Paid), Youtube Videos and lot more. Lastly, we at Rivasult also teach CSS from scratch.

Don’t forget CSS is the human flesh…

Visual Design

Visual Design and Web Design whats the difference? Don’t get confused Web design is a subset of Visual Design, Visual Design talks more about the Design principles every web Designer needs to know.

Here at Rivasult, we teach Visual Designs, learning the fundamentals like typography, color, grid systems and lot more.

Learning Visual Design helps you take your web design career to the next level.


UX stands for User experience, it talks about how a user will interact with the web page and how each elements are self explanatory to the user. User experience allows you to look at Web design from a user-first perspective.

With UX you consider what the user needs exactly while leaving out the un-neccessary aspect later still when its needed.

At Rivasult we teach UX Design from product research, market research, wireframing and lot more to help you better understand what a user needs before acutally building the website.

Client Management

Remember i talked about soft skill, client management is also a soft skills you neeed to master properly, as a web designer client management will help you understandthat both cashflow and project backlog needs to be healthy.

Understanding Client management helps you build and maintain good client relationship and a company can retain more of it’s customers when client management skill is part of the workers.

We don’t teach client management but here is a course you can sign up for and learn Client management.

Bonus: SEO

SEO stands for Search engine optimization which also a subset of Digital marketing but as a web designer understanding the basics of SEO will help you know what to optimize properly when building the web page of a client.

Understanding SEO gives you edge over other web designers who lack the basic of SEO, which is also what clients love to hear.

We also teach SEO at Rivasult, if you wish to learn please check out our training.

Conclusion: How to Become a Web Designer in Africa

Becoming a web designer in Africa goes a long way and we have listed 5 major skills every successful web Designer needs to know.

Our team are ready to teach you everything you need to know to become a pro Web Designer today, sign up for any of our avaliable classes and also follow us on social media so as to know when ever we have a training coming up.

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