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5 Valuable Things you Never Knew About Social Media

Missing these 5 things about social media can make you look like a novice and the only way to avoid it is to keep reading this article, I have hand-picked 5 things you never knew about Social media.

Social media can grow your brand 50x if done properly and the right strategy is used.

You can agree with me that growing faster and reaching out to more people online you need a social media profile for your business but it could also be a waste when you miss these 5 things about social media that can help change your the way you approach social media.

I still remember this article How a Website Can Positively Affect Small Business Owners in Nigeria and a lot learned from it, same applies to social media, it can affect your business.

Here are the 5 things you never knew about social media.

5 Things you Never Knew About Social Media

Always remember this 5 things and your social media accounts will produce results.

1. Confusing your Personal profile with Business profile

It’s important to note the difference between your personal profile and your business profile, don’t post things you would post on your personal profile on your business profile.

Trust me! It’s really bad for business and can destroy your brand reputation.

Keep your business profile updated with post related to your business and that can keep your audience engaged with your content.

2. Don’t Reply Angrily to Negative Comments

The title says it all, don’t reply angrily to negative comments. One thing you need to note is all brands will surely have positive and negative comments, the only thing you need to act with caution is when you receive negative comments.

If you reply angrily, you have marked your brand as what the negative comment says.

Instead of replying angrily, try to solve the problem of the person.

3. Buying Followers & Likes

Yes! Buying followers & likes are really bad for business and they have no effect in your brand making sales.


They are just numbers, number is not everything and you need to work hard to make sure you get the right audience to your social media accounts.

If a single person interactives with your brand post, its 10x better than having 10,000 likes on a single post without converting to customers.

4. Leaving Hashtags Out

Leaving hashtags means limiting your social media growth.

As a social media manager, you need to leverage on using hashtags on your social media post to improve the reach.

When you use the right hashtags for your brand you will reach out to more users who are interested in what you do and also potential buyers.

Using hashtags is also a way of classifying your post.

I am sure, you must have come along hashtags trending on Twitter a lot that’s an example of classifying your post according to hashtags.

Important tip:Use hashtags wisely and don’t jump on trends that are not related to your brand’s post.

5. Ignoring Paid Ads on Social Media

When you ignore paid Ads on social media, you have started limiting your social media growth.

Organic growth are better but social media platforms want you to run paid Ads to reach out to large audience faster.

If you are hosting an event and you don’t run a paid Ads, it’s like not interesting in people joining your event.

The amazing part is an excellent social media campaign requires money, you don’t need huge amount before you get results but huge amount means massive results and more reach.

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