Social Media Management Pricing Packages in Nigeria

Social Media Management Pricing Packages in Nigeria

In this article, you will find out about social media management Pricing Packages in Nigeria. This will help you prepare your small business social media management price list in Nigeria. This pricing will help you better under what to charge your clients and also how to set your price list based on plans as a digital marketer.

Wish to know how much to charge for social media management?

You could be in business for more than a year and still think how much you should charge for social media management.

Take a look at this quote:

“the strategic price you set for your offering must not only attract buyers in large numbers but also help you to retain them.”

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Don’t worry, i know how hard it feels coming up with a price list for clients but here at Rivasult, we have decided to help you solve that. It’s important to note that social media managers or Digital marketers charge for social media management on a monthly basis.

Note:This price list can be increased or decreased based on your Digital marketing level and it varies for Different agencies.

If you are interested to know the price digital marketers charge for full Digital Marketing, you can check out our blog post on Digital Marketing Pricing.

There are different ways to charge for social media management:

  • Hourly
  • Monthly rate
  • Flat project rate

Flat Project Rate: The flat project rate is not common among social media managers, though it involves helping a business set up social media accounts for the first time. Most businesses are interested in growing their accounts and making sales over time.

Hourly Rate:The hourly rate is common among freelancers that are interested in getting paid based on time spent in managing the social media accounts, but small agencies that offer social media management services might still charge an hourly rate.

Monthly Rate:The Monthly rate is the best and most common among agencies.

Social media management is recurring for as long as you keep managing the social media accounts.

What to Do when Brand Doesn’t Meet your Pricing Packages

What do you do if the client doesn’t fit into one of your packages? Do you let them go? Absolutely not! Provided they would make a great client, you should create a custom package.

For example:

  • Basic Package
  • Business package
  • NGO Package
  • Custom Package

Giving them an option for a custom package makes them feel included in your business growth. You can give the quote over the phone, or follow up via email after your call.

Social Media Management Pricing Packages in Nigeria

We have decided to create how a social media management pricing package looks in Nigeria, if your agency is located in Ghana, South Africa or anywhere in world you can convert the price to your country currency.

Please note; the price may differ for different countries and might be smaller so in this case increase it to meet your brand.

Basic PackageBusiness PackageCustom Package
Social media accounts: 3
Posts per month: 8
Boosted Post:No
Content calendar:Yes
Content Design: Yes
Reports: Monthly
Followers per month: 100+
Price: N90,000/Month
Social media accounts: Unlimited
Posts per month: 22
Boosted Post:Yes
Content calendar:Yes
Content Design: Yes
Reports: Bi-Weekly
Followers per month: 300+
Price: N250,000/Month
Social media accounts: Custom
Posts per month: Custom
Boosted Post:Custom
Content calendar:Custom
Content Design: Yes
Reports: Custom
Followers per month: Custom
Price: Custom/Month

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Now, you know how much Social media management costs.

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